Saturday, November 26, 2005 

It's a boy!

In my first post, I talked about putting a human face on the boylover. I intend to do that in a multitude of ways, but the first is quite literal. On the right is a headshot of me, circa age 7.

Even the most despised people on the surface of the Earth began as any other child does, I suppose.


Introductions are in order.

Salutations! The name's Tobey, how do you do? I'm not new to blogging, but I am new to I rather like it here already; it's exactly the platform I need to berate, sing praises, shine light on injustice and do whatever else I find lacking in mainstream media today. Shouldn't that be one of the goals all bloggers have in common? I like to think so.

My primary objective is to put a human face (my own) on the boylover (yes, that's me) and give you, the reader, an inside look at my thought process and day-to-day life. Do I find joy in prancing around naked beneath a trenchcoat with pockets brimming with sweets? What about public swimming pools, am I the sort that hangs around every day, lurking in the changerooms hoping for a free show? Am I a priest? How about a Boy Scout troop leader? Just how much does the typical boylover fit the stereotype portrayed in mass media today? Stick around and you'll be that much closer to knowing.

You will notice I use the term "boylover" to describe to myself. I'm not here to mince words: a boylover is a pedophile. More specifically, one who is attracted to boys rather than girls. As a category, we are not to be confused with "child molesters" or others who would harm children. I would like for you to keep in mind that being a boylover (or for that matter, a girllover) implies an attraction and not necessarily actions. I do not engage in sexual relationships with children. I believe that to be perilous and potentially harmful in today's climate, not only for myself but (more importantly) for the boy, as well as for our famalies and friends. I am content simply to know and interact with boys in perfectly legal and socially acceptable ways.

My interest in boys goes above and beyond merely aesthetics, just as it does for heterosexual men and their feelings for women. The friendships I have with boys are as complex, respectful and dynamic as any I carry on with adults; they are not merely objects that I ogle over. Boyhood itself may be an impermanent state, but the friendship between boy and boylover often continue well into adulthood.

I trust this is a good enough primer for starting things off. Thanks for reading; be sure to come again and all that! I will happily respond to comments, given that they are not hateful in intent.

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